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Nepal Food – Eating Dal Bhat in Kathmandu (दालभात – Nepalese Thali Set)

When it comes to food in Nepal eating Dal Bhat (दालभात) is an absolute must for anybody wanting to sample authentic Nepalese cuisine in Kathmandu. Very similar to an Indian Thali, a Nepalese Thali or Dal Bhat consists of steamed rice and dal (cooked lentil soup). Bhat refers to boiled rice and the dal may feature ginger, onion, garlic, chili, tomatoes and/or tamarind in addition to lentils or beans. Often you’ll find pickle (achar), seasoned vegetables and yoghurt or curd accompanying it. Join us as we try that along with some other local dishes and tea (chai and Tibetan milk tea).

Mustang Thakali Kitchen in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mustang Thakali Chulo Restaurant
29 2nd Floor, Chibahal | Thamal Chowk, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
+977 1-4248083
10:00 – 22:00

Ways to spell Dal Bhat in different languages:

Nepali (दालभात)
Bengali (ডাল ভাত)
Gujarati (દાળ ભાત)
Marathi (डाळ भात)
Thali (थाली)

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Nepal Food – Eating Dal Bhat in Kathmandu (दालभात – Nepalese Thali Set) Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well good afternoon and welcome to another food video from Kathmandu (काठमाडौं). Today we are having Dal Bhat (दालभात). We’ve been eating Dal Bhat (ডাল ভাত) very very often. So much so Sam has declared it his favorite dish known to mankind. Is that correct?

Well it is definitely our favorite thing here in Nepal (नेपाल). It is what we’ve been having here.

Yeah, so to describe it it kind of like a Nepali Thali Set (थाली). Yeah. So you get your rice and some lentils and we’re ordering vegetarian so we’re having like a vegetarian curry and just different vegetables and sauces.

Sam is actually had too much Dal Bhat (दालभात) these last few days so he ordered different local specialty items.

I ordered some other side dishes to go along with it.

So my food is here and it is a proper platter. This is the dal bhat (દાળ ભાત). It sure is. And the dal is the lentil soup right here. Right. It looks more green today.

Um, and what I find surprising like here is that here it is more soupy. It is more watery whereas in the past I’ve had like a thicker dal. Kind of like a curry almost.

And then here you have your bhat which would be your rice. Yeah, big mountain of rice and then we have a tonne of different sides dishes. I know. So first up this is the curd. It is kind of like a yoghurt.

And I believe this is the vegetable Thakali (दाल भात तरकारी) which is kind of like a vegetable curry. Right. Then you’ve got your pickled vegetable.

Yeah, this trying this place for the 1st time it was a highly recommended for their Dal Bhat (दालभात).

The Nepali Thali (थाली).

This is called Papad. Papadon. They are like crackers. Like crispy wafers.

So yeah, you know what? Let’s just dig in. Dig in. And if I was going to do this the proper way I’d be using my right hand but I’m not the most coordinated with food. So you’re cheating and using cutlery. I’m using a spoon. I’m just going to pour it over the rice.

Soak up them lentils.

I guess you can just mix it all together really. So you really taste the lentils? Is it spicy. Yeah, it is like a lentil soup almost.

Let’s try some of the veggie.

Actually I prefer to have it. I prefer eating this, the Dal Bhat (दालभात), with this than I do even with the rice. So I think it is a nice addition to the menu.

And that concludes another delicious meal. Yeah. So we got the bill. It was 745 Nepal Rupees which is just under$7 US dollars. So that was for all of the food and I ordered an extra Masala Chai. So yeah, pretty good value. I mean you get it cheaper. We are in sort of the touristy area of Thamel in Kathmandu (काठमाडौं) so prices are more expensive here. But even so for two people to eat for seven something dollars not too bad of value I’d say.

This is part of our Travel in Nepal video series showcasing Nepali food, Nepalese culture and Nepalese cuisine.

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