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mornings are cold in Nepal

The mornings are cold in Nepal. Wrapped in my sleeping bag I can feel the cold only on my face. Right outside our window Thamel, the tourist area of Kathmandu, is already awake with street-side chatter and vehicles honking. It is always hard to get out of bed but the noise helps me wake up. […]

World War I vintage kukri, the Gurkha knife

NEPAL IS RENOWNED for its fighting men, the fabled Gurkhas. The worldwide reputation of Nepalese soldiers as a superior fighting force can be attributed mainly to the qualities of the troops of Nepalese origin who have fought as contingents in the British Army since the early nineteenth century and for the Indian Army since its […]

Survival Tourism Nepal

The word survival is a very ambiguous one, and connotes a wide variety of meanings and associated skills. The skills that are being offered in the ensuing course are those of a traditional woodsman travelling and living in the northern wilds. The daily use of these skills will be facilitated by learning them in a […]

Himalayas to the Wildlife

This is one of the most attractive program which one could do in Nepal. The tour covers the “top” of the mountain tour to the tour of the “asia’s richest wildlife sanctuary”. First leg of the tour includes the most spectacular flight offering the panoramic views of the mountains on helicopter. This tour allows us […]

Fishing Tour in Nepal

If you have plenty of time and loads of patient then Angling or Fishing could be a very interesting sport for you. Fishing is an Eco-friendly sport which require great patient and lots of time. This sport would not suite for those who are out of patience when they loose a fish or get tired […]

Bagh chal (tigers and goats), Nepal

Placing stones on a five-by-five spaced board in order to block your opponent’s moves doesn’t sound like a roller-coaster ride of an evening. But if it’s plotting some (big) cat-and-mouse action – four tigers stalking a herd of goats – now that’s a bit more like it. Nepal’s national game, bagh chal, takes the predatory […]


Yertong Festival Tour Places: Jharkot / Jomsom Season: August – September Remarks: 3790 m altitude, moderate trek, festival observed to mark the completion of summer. Manirimdu Festival Tour Places: Chiwang Monastery /SoluKhumbu Season: October – November Remarks: Altitude 10000 ft , 3hrs walk from Phalpu . 4hrs walk from Junbesi , 3days walk from Jiri. […]


Tyangboche Gompa Places: Khumbu Season: Autumn & Spring Remarks: Located as the altitude of 1000-14000 ft., know the monastry order, organisation, interrelationship among men, monastry & nature, ritual performances. Typology of monastry & Lamas, reincarnation concept, alter & ritual items of divinities Thubtenchholing Gompa Places: Solu Season: Autumn & Spring Remarks: Located as the altitude […]

Eco Tour in Nepal

There is increasing concern regarding the importance of ecological aspect in tourism promotion, particularly in the sphere of vacation tourism. Major tour operators feel that the holiday tourists are inclined to demand increasingly more perfect environment without any extra cost for it. Greater number of new generation tourists are not attracted by these green displays […]

Motorbike Tour Nepal

A Motorbike Tour that puts you at ease with not much taxation to challenge yourself – here is an experience – the serpentine roads keep you wondering as to what is next road bend like, but at the same time metalled road condition keep the bike moving at a regular pace with the cold breeze […]