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Nepal Food – Eating Dal Bhat in Kathmandu (दालभात – Nepalese Thali Set)

When it comes to food in Nepal eating Dal Bhat (दालभात) is an absolute must for anybody wanting to sample authentic Nepalese cuisine in Kathmandu. Very similar to an Indian Thali, a Nepalese Thali or Dal Bhat consists of steamed rice and dal (cooked lentil soup). Bhat refers to boiled rice and the dal may […]

Dal-Bhat-Tarkali-Nepali-Food/Receipes- Best Taste Ever

Nepali food is comprised of Daal (lentil soup),Bhaat (rice)and Curry(vegetables).  Anyone who packs up to go to Nepal should not worry about the kinds of food available in common Nepali market. Because of the large number of tourists from all around the globe, Nepali restaurants are well aware of the international palate and thus offer most popular […]